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.12 so, you are using an unsupported kernel so........ no way? your message was gone in fact an unsupported kernel you are using unsupported versions of drivers. They do not work with linux-image that is not derived from Debian. do you want to fix this? not if you don't answer the questions xfaceu ok so...... i must revert to my previous kernel version? no answer the questions answers? what version of ubuntu do you have yes, but tell us what version Launchpad bug 1546281 in bcmwl (Ubuntu) "Revert to 4.1.0-10 for the 15.10 version" [Undecided,Confirmed] this is not a bugreport, it is a wannabebootcheck for a specific software ubuntu 14.04.5 nope, no bugs in those versions, so no need to fix then you should upgrade to 14.04.6 no bugs......? if not........ how can i do that? !ltsupgrade Users of 14.04 L



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Tailor Master Software Crack 18

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